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Handpan Music & Sound Meditation

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Want to Learn with me?

Lets dive together!

It's always a great joy to share what I know, had learned and keep discovering both in the Handpan world and music in general. I offer one on one online classes and workshops for beginners and enthusiasts of the Handpan. The sessions are personalized according to the student's needs and are oriented towards unlocking the creative potential. No previous musical knowledge are requested.


We'll dive into the basic principles of this instrument, how to choose your handpan (if you don't have one yet), exploring scales and modes, understanding it's elements and the principles of the handpan, as well as tapping techniques, exercises to develop hand mobility, exploring rhythm and harmony, constructing melodies, progressions and finally unleashing your true creative power to make your own unique sound!

"I Still don't have my Handpan. How can I start?"

If you still don't have your Handpan yet and don't know where to start, I would love helping you with guidance and bringing more clarity. It's important to be aware that choosing a Handpan isn't as easy as choosing other sorts of instrument. It is also a high investment. There are many factors that need to be considered before buying one, if you want to be satisfied with it.


I've seen so many people becoming frustrated or leaving their Handpan in the corner, not playing it at all, simply because they weren't able to make the correct choice. That happened to me as well in the beginning. So if you really want to avoid that at all cost and if you want to be more clear before acquiring, I offer an introductory session designed specially for this case!


Would you like to learn with me? Please, send me a message here to book your sessions and let's start this journey together!

Handpan Tutorial (groove tip)

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