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Handpan Music & Sound Meditation

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Meet Grace

Shaping feelings into sound.

Welcome! It is a great pleasure to have you here. Let me share with you a little from my Handpan World!


Music is my deepest passion in this life and being able to share my feelings and inner realms through Handpan music is the ultimate source of sheer Joy to me!


My whole existence  has been imbued with music since day one on this planet. I received daily children's musicalization until 3 years old from my godparents, who were both classical musicians and music therapists. I grew up playing in many groups, projects and bands. At 7 years old I officially started to study music and at the age of 9 I was invited to join the school's orchestra.


From an early age I understood that this universe is ruled by the same principles of music, and that vibration, resonance, harmony and frequency are fundamental laws underlining the human experience, the natural cycles and the manifestation of life itself. It was very clear to me that everything is interconnected and that we are instruments playing in a much larger symphony. 


My personal trajectory led me to search for optimal ways in which I could deeply connect with other hearts, find more balance in my daily life and get to share what I feel. Since 2011 I dedicated myself exclusively to practicing and working with Yoga, Sound Bath, Sound Meditation and Music Therapy. It was only when I started to play the Handpan, though, that I realized my search was done. What I was looking for my entire life, now has found me! 


To bring more beauty, lightness and softness to the human heart gives me a constant sense of meaning. And it's through the Handpan music that this purpose has been fulfilled in the most surprising, magic and gracious ways.


I was invited by Alexandra Lora and Rafael Ortega from Mudra Handpan to join the main Line Up of the first Handpan Brasil Festival in Atibaia (São Paulo), May 2023. In October of the same year I had the honor to perform at the main Stage of the Sampan Handpan Festival, sharing the Line Up with amazing Artists around the world, including Cucu Ran, Nadishana, Pablo Vares, Feu Dias and Fabio Stamato. Since then so much has happen, I am currently recording and mixing my own songs and my heart is overfilled with the joys of walking in this direction, to dedicate my entire life to this art and watch were the Handpan wants to lead me!

I see the Handpan as a great tool or even a path towards self-expression, self-discovery and to expand awareness. Also, it's a wonderful vessel to elevate the human spirit, ground our beings and bring more hope, love and positivity into this world. Those are qualities that I think are crucial and essential, especially as we go through uncertain times during the Planet's transition.

Do you resonate with this? Let me know what you feel about my music and feel free to connect with me! I would love to receive your message and be in any kind of service. 

Much love and Kindred regards!
Grace Harteming


Currently Brazilian makers that I play with:

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